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Exclusive Health Packages endorsed by Geriatric Society of India (GSI)
These packages provide the essential and relevant tests keeping in mind the disease risk profiles of seniors, while avoiding over-testing. GSI is India's leading "not-for-profit" body of 1600 doctors working to improve the health of Senior Citizens

Why should Senior Citizens get Preventive Health Check-ups?

With increasing age, the best defence against disease is early detection, and smart Seniors understand that. Regular screening helps detect and treat issues at an early stage.

  • Health problems increase as one ages

  • Proactive health check-up can prevent future illnesses

  • Problems found early are more likely to respond to treatment

  • Gives Seniors and their families a sense of comfort & well being

  • Improves Seniors' overall quality of life

Why choose SeniorWorld?

SeniorWorld is India's 1st organization focussed only on the holistic needs of Indian Senior Citizens, by designing products and services exclusively for them, across health, lifestyle and technology.

  • Preventive health packages designed especially for Seniors

  • Packages endorsed by the Geriatric Society of India. (click to view endorsement)

  • Only NABL certified Labs enrolled as fulfillment partners.

  • Attractively priced packages and discounts which offer great value

  • Option to gift a health check-up to parents, through pre-paid option

Our exclusive GSI packages

Essential Silver Preventive Health Check Up

(Includes 42 vital tests + others)

This preventive health checkup is recommended for Seniors who feel that they do not have any specific health concerns and would like to reassure themselves about the same. This package provides valuable information about functioning of most of the vital organs like heart, kidney, liver, thyroid along with Haemogram, fasting blood sugar and complete urine Analysis.

Essential Gold Preventive Health Check Up

(Includes 52 vital tests + others)

This preventive health checkup provides important information about functioning of most of the vital organs and ailments that are common amongst Seniors. This package is recommended If you would like to evaluate in detail, the health of vital organs like heart, kidney, liver, thyroid gland, intestines, threat of diabetes as well as risk of prostate cancer(for men).

Comprehensive Platinum Preventive Health Check Up

(Includes 52 vital tests & ECG, Chest X-Ray, Ultrasound, 2D Echo)

This is a comprehensive Premium preventive health checkup package that provides in depth information about functioning of the vital organs .This includes screening for heart disease, ultrasound of abdomen to check various organs like liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, screening for any lung disease, screening of risk factors for osteoporosis, screening for diabetes , screening for prostate cancer for men.

Comprehensive Platinum+ Preventive Health Check Up

(Includes 52 vital tests and ECG, Chest X-Ray, Ultrasound, 2D Echo, Bone Mineral Density, Mammography)

This includes all the tests present in Comprehensive Platinum Health Check Up, PLUS Bone Mineral Density (BMD). BMD measures the amount of minerals mainly calcium in bones, which is a key indicator of bone strength. This is a highly recommended Check-up for Seniors who are at risk of Osteoporosis also screening for Cervical & Breast Cancer for Women.

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